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Liver Transplant Program


The liver transplant program at Rady Children’s Hospital Comprehensive Liver Care Center consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialized healthcare professionals, including children’s physicians, endoscopists, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and transplant coordinators. Rady Children’s Hospital has long treated young liver disease patients, from infancy to age 21, with health management and medical procedures along the continuum of care.

At the heart of the pediatric liver transplant program at Rady Children’s Comprehensive Liver Care Center is a dedicated team of experts whose collective knowledge and skills are finely tuned to provide the best care possible for young patients in need of liver transplants. This multidisciplinary team comprises a diverse range of professionals from various program services including Gastroenterology, Hepatology & NutritionInterventional Endoscopy, Pharmacy Services, and Clinical Social Worker Services.
Our Doctors

Our Mission

The mission of our pediatric liver transplant process program is for medical professionals to make pediatric health care in San Diego more comprehensive for liver transplant recipients. Nationwide, about 550 to 600 pediatric liver transplants are performed each year and the expectation of Rady Children’s Hospital is to perform 10 pediatric liver transplants a year with the capacity for more if needed.

The program is designed not only to fulfill existing needs but also to be flexible and scalable, ensuring that it can adapt to any increase in demand for pediatric liver transplants in the future. Incorporating state-of-the-art medical expertise and cutting-edge technology, the pediatric liver transplant program at Rady Children’s Hospital is constantly striving to elevate the standard of care for young patients undergoing this life-changing procedure.

Our Pediatric Liver Transplant Program Surgery Team

Our liver transplant program team at Rady Children’s Hospital consists of dedicated and hardworking individuals to provide the best care for pediatric liver transplant recipients. View our team members below.

Led by experienced transplant surgeons specializing in pediatric liver transplantation, our team is at the forefront of innovation and excellence in surgical techniques. From the initial evaluation to post-operative care, they approach each step with precision and compassion, prioritizing the individual needs of every young patient they serve.

Our Team

Featured Highlights

View our featured article in Healthy Kids Magazine which highlights our pediatric liver transplant surgery program and details an inside look at the liver transplant surgery department.

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