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Language and Expression Disorders

What are language disorders?

Language disorders in children typically involve difficulty in:

  • Understanding others
  • Forming sentences
  • Maintaining conversation
  • Using language that is appropriate to the listener or to the situation

Language disorders can be developmental or acquired as a result of brain injury or stroke.

Ways to help prevent language disorders in children

  • Learn about typical speech and language development.
  • Know developmental milestones and ask your physician for an evaluation if your child is not meeting them.
  • Talk and read with your child regularly.
  • Have your child’s hearing checked.
  • Participate in early identification or screening programs.
  • Avoid drinking and substance abuse during pregnancy.
  • Use helmets, car seats and safety belts to prevent brain injury.
  • Spend regular time alone with your child and talk about the things he or she is interested in.

Language Expression

Language expression is the ability to put words and word modifiers (prefixes, suffixes) together to create a thought which is meaningful and relevant to the speaker, listener and topic of conversation