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Speech-Language Pathology



The Speech-Language Pathology Department evaluates children with speech, language, cognitive, feeding/swallowing, and auditory impairments and provides specialized therapy to develop their language skills.

We offer individual, paired-peer, and group therapy, along with community and caregiver education for those who are concerned about their child’s speech, language or communication skills. Learn more about our services.

Signs of Early Communications Problems

You child may have a speech problem if he or she:

  • Never gestures or imitates
  • Cannot associate a name with an object
  • Does not talk frequently or at all
  • Cannot understand speech
  • Almost never imitates speech

For signs of early communications problems by age group, click here.

For Referring Physicians

Please print and complete the Developmental Services Prescription Form.

Forms for Your Child's Appointment

Please fill out the Developmental Questionnaire (also available en español) and bring to your first visit.