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True Blue: Is Blue Light Really Bad for Eyes?

kid looking at smart phone

Blue light is a color-tinged form of light that comes from many sources, including sunlight. With that said, in day-to-day life, it’s everywhere. But recently, you may have noticed increased attention on the blue light that comes from our beloved digital devices — think smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers and e-readers — and its potential to damage our eyes.

Although the medical and scientific community are still investigating blue light and its effects on our health, thus far, the high level of alarm — particularly when it comes to our eyes — is unwarranted, say Rady Children’s Specialists of San Diego Division of Ophthalmology physicians Shagun Bhatia, MD, MSCR, and Kim Duong, OD, MS, MPH, FAAO. Read on for their help with separating blue light myth from fact, as well as guidance on minimizing eye troubles from screen time.