Parking is available in five main locations:

  • Children’s Way North Parking Garage
  • Children’s Way South Parking Garage
  • Birmingham Way Parking Lot (for Specialty Clinics in Building 28)
  • Frost Street Parking Lot (outside the Nelson Pavilion near Children’s Way)
  • Frost Street Parking Lot (for Buildings 7910 & 7920 Frost Street)
  1. Rates
    • First 30 minutes Free
    • $4 for 4 Hours
    • $2 per hour thereafter
    • $20 daily maximum
    • No In and Out Privileges
  1. Validations
    • Generic Discount Validation no longer necessary. $4 for 4 hours parking time will now be built into the system’s fee structure.
    • Validation Order Form updated to include $4 Flat Rate validations. $4 flat fee for parking regardless of parking time.
    • Validations must be ordered by emailing the completed Validation Order Form to After submission, each order must receive RCHSD Leadership approval prior to validations being printed and distributed to the department.
    • Process for Use: When exiting the parking lot; Original Entry parking ticket must be inserted first, followed then by the Validation chaser ticket to obtain the intended reduced parking fee or no fee.
  1. Multiday Passes
    • Weekly (7 days) and Monthly (30 days) Pass options are available for purchase at the pay on foot pay stations located in each of the visitor lots.
    • Instructions for use are posted on the pay on foot pay stations.
    • Process for Use: MUST be inserted at both the Entrance and Exit for the Multiday pass to work. Pass will be returned after the pass is inserted at the entrance and exit lane terminals. Vehicle MUST be present for machine to read the ticket.
    • If you experience an issue with the Pass not working, please press the HELP button for call assistance when exiting.
  2. 24/7 Call Center Assistance (Push For Help button)
    • Each Visitor Exit lane pay station terminal and Pay on Foot pay station is connected to the call center assistance service 24 hours a day.
    • Call Center professional will assist with transaction processes, parking information, and vending exit gates when applicable.
    • ADA complimentary parking accommodated via Call Center service; provide ADA placard information when exiting parking lot.
    • Process for Use: Push Help button once at exit lane terminal and wait for call center connection to be established.
  3. Questions / Concerns
    • Email: