COVID-19 Updates: Latest Information for Parents



Parking is available in five main locations:

  • Children’s Way North Parking Garage
  • Children’s Way South Parking Garage
  • Birmingham Way Parking Lot (for Specialty Clinics in Building 28)
  • Frost Street Parking Lot (outside the Nelson Pavilion near Children’s Way)
  • Frost Street Parking Lot (for Buildings 7910 & 7920 Frost Street)

Fees are posted at each entrance. Parking tickets can be validated to reduce the cost. Validation is available from inpatient units and at the reception desks of our Specialty Clinics. Please make sure to ask for validation when checking in.

Weekly and monthly visitor parking passes are available at the parking lot booths when exiting and can be purchased at a reduced rate.

Parking is free for cars with handicapped placards/license plates.

Valet service is also available for a fee at the Rose Pavilion entrance of the Hospital on Children’s Way.

For more information about parking rates, call 858-966-8103.