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PSF logoWe are glad you are interested in participating in the Partnership for Smoke-Free Families (PSF) program. The goal of PSF is to reduce the number of pregnant women and young children exposed to tobacco smoke by providing resources for obstetric and pediatric healthcare providers to help patients and their families quit smoking, stay quit, or avoid tobacco smoke exposure. We encourage all pediatric and obstetric offices to join us in our effort to help families live healthy smoke-free lives.

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What do PSF offices do?

PSF offices systematically screen pregnant women and parents of young children for tobacco use and exposure and refer patients who smoke to the California Smokers’ Helpline using the PSF Prenatal Survey or Parent Survey that doubles as a fax referral form—(Obstetric offices use the Prenatal Survey/Fax Referral form and Pediatric offices use the Parent Survey/Fax Referral form).

Education materials are also available and can be provided to patients by office staff or the clinician depending on the patient’s smoking status. Education materials include relapse prevention materials for recent quitters (RQ), women who quit smoking when they found out they were pregnant; handouts about the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) on young children; and referral information for patients interested in contacting the California Smokers’ Helpline directly, either now or at a later date when they are ready to quit. PSF also provides a one-page educational flyer designed to be given to every patient. This flyer covers the risks of smoking and the harmful effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.To view and access program materials, please visit our Program Materials page.

*All surveys and education materials are available in both English and Spanish

How does my office become a PSF office?

While PSF has traditionally been implemented within the borders of San Diego County, participation in the program is now open to all pediatric and obstetric providers in California through our new web-based program. We do, however, ask that you contact PSF to register your office as a PSF office before you begin implementing the program at your office. This allows us to keep track of participating offices and gather smoking referral data. In-office training may be available for new offices located in San Diego County.

All of our program materials and instructions on how to implement the program are available on our website to assist and guide you. All program materials are accompanied by an explanation of what that material is and how it is used. We want to make it easy for participating offices to build the program into everyday office routine and ensure that all aspects of the program are carried out. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your office started:

  1. All new offices interested in participating in the PSF program need to contact PSF by phone: (858) 966-7585 or e-mail: before implementing the program.
  2. A PSF staff member will go over the program with you and provide training either over the phone or on-site and make sure your office gets registered at the California Smokers’ Helpline.
  3. All members from new participating offices should familiarize themselves with the program and all program materials.
  4. After receiving an overview from a PSF staff member and reviewing all program materials, new offices participating in PSF can begin implementing the program as outlined in the Implementation Procedures (Obstetric Office Implementation Procedures | Pediatric Office Implementation Procedures)

My office is not located in California, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, the PSF program is designed to work exclusively with the California Smokers’ Helpline. If your office is located outside of California, contact your state Helpline to find out what services are available to you. If you are interested in having a program like PSF in your area you can also read our Implementation of Pregnancy-Specific Practice Guidelines for Smoking Cessation Technical Assistance Manual that outlines the development and implementation of PSF and provides information on creating a similar program in your health care setting. Don’t forget all of our education materials are still available for you to use!