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What to Expect When Arranging a Transport

For Neonatal Patient

Referring physician calls the NICU CHET line. Our Main campus NICU will then connect you with the transport neonatologist.

For Pediatric Patient

On a recorded telephone line, one of our communications specialists will obtain the following patient information from the unit clerk/secretary/coordinator:

  • Patient name
  • D.O.B
  • Initial DX
  • Referring physician
  • Call back number

The medical coordinating physician will return the call shortly with the Transport RN and RT joining on a conference call.

The coordinating physician can directly admit the patient as well as provide assistance in patient management.   

If necessary, a pediatric intensivist or pediatric trauma surgeon can join the call in real time, if available, to assist with patient management.

Transport ETA

  • The mode of transport will be determined by patient acuity, the patient’s potential to deteriorate, travel distance, weather and availability of an aircraft (either rotor-wing or fixed-wing) or ground ambulance.
  • An exact ETA cannot be provided. Weather, traffic and other high critically ill patients can impact our timeline. We will do our best to provide an estimated ET.

What we will need from you to transport your patient:

Please have the following information ready for the transport team when they arrive at your facility:

  • Copy of your patient’s chart and medical records
  • All of your patient’s studies, including X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, echocardiograms, EKGs, etc.
  • A copy of all of your patient’s current laboratory data
  • Medication administration record
  • Any other pertinent information

Nurse-to-nurse report will be given to the transport nurse.