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About the Neonatal Transport Team

The Neonatal team provides emergency neonatal advanced life support to more than 800 infants every year throughout Southern California. We provide immediate response for delivery room resuscitation and stabilization of newborns and infants to hospitals in San Diego, Imperial and Riverside counties. Modes of transport are ambulance, fixed-wing airplane or helicopter.AbABoCHET NICU Team

The team consists of an advanced trained NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) registered nurse and NICU respiratory therapist who are certified to provide assessment, resuscitation and stabilization of the newborn. The team is able to perform intubation, arterial puncture, umbilical line insertion, thoracentesis and administration of emergency medications and maintain communication with an attending neonatologist.

A neonatal nurse practitioner or neonatal physician may be added to the team as the patient’s condition warrants.

In addition to emergency transport, the Neonatal team also provides return transport of convalescing infants to their referral hospitals.