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Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC)


The Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC) at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego has operated continuously since 1974. DEC offers developmental evaluation and referral services for infants and preschoolers as well as neuropsychological evaluations.

The goals of our evaluations are to:

  • Identify developmental, learning and social delays.
  • Determine the significance of delays and behavior problems.
  • Determine the need for further assessment/intervention.
  • Recommend participation in educational or therapeutic programs.
  • Link children and families to needed services.
  • Provide comprehensive reports to parents and providers.

DEC is housed within the Developmental Services department of Rady Children’s, a department made up of 14 programs that screen, evaluate and treat children with behavioral needs, developmental delays, disabilities and injuries. The various programs within Developmental Services provide educational services such as behavioral and developmental classes in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy for children, as well as consultation services in these fields. Through diagnostic, intervention and treatment, the Developmental Services teams work to prevent secondary behavioral and developmental problems, helping children to reach their full developmental and functional potential. 

DEC services are available at five  locations across San Diego and Riverside counties, with postdoctoral fellow training opportunities available at the Main campus in San Diego, and satellite clinics in Torrey Hills, Murrieta, Chula Vista and Oceanside. DEC clinics are housed in the same physical buildings as other Developmental Services specialties including speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy and audiology among others, which allows for multidisciplinary collaboration, consultation and training opportunities. There are also opportunities for collaboration with medical professionals, including developmental and behavioral pediatricians and psychiatry. Opportunities for multidisciplinary grand rounds, seminars and continuing education are available either on-site or through Zoom and other distance learning platforms. At the completion of this 12-month training program, fellows will have a strong clinical skill set to gain employment in the field of pediatric developmental assessment.

The Mission of the Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC): To support the healthy development of children through compassionate, collaborative, and culturally sensitive comprehensive developmental evaluations and specialized services.

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Forms for Your Child's Appointment

Please fill out this questionnaire and bring it with you to your child’s appointment. Developmental Evaluation  English | Spanish Developmental Re-Evaluation  These cannot be downloaded from a mobile device.