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Girl Scouts: Rady Children’s Mental Health Awareness Patch

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for Girl Scouts to learn more about mental health awareness through self-completion of the Rady Children’s Mental Health Awareness Patch. 

Who: Brownies-Ambassadors

What: Rady Children’s Mental Health Awareness Patch

When: Self-Guided Patch Program Link to Activities

Where: 3020 Children’s Way, MC5010, San Diego, CA 92123

Cost: Patches are free with completion of age-appropriate activities: Rady Children’s Mental Health Awareness Patch.  

Contact: For more information or to receive a patch, contact Julie Purdy,  or 858-966-5408

The Facts

We all (children AND adults) experience stress and worries from time to time. Our bodies have a built-in survival instinct from years ago when you had to worry about things such as a tiger jumping out in front of you. If a tiger were to jump out, you should feel scared! Your brain would focus on getting away, your body would sweat, your heart would beat faster and you breath quicker. You might get butterflies in your stomach or feel nauseated. These things were designed to help you run fast which is good if there really is a tiger but not so good if you are needing to go to school to take a test. The times when we feel anxious are normal, but they should be temporary. They can occur when you need to give a speech in class or playing a sport you don’t think you are good at. But once those things are over, the feelings of nervousness should go away. The activities in this patch are designed to help you decrease anxiety and stress for these temporary periods in your everyday life.

If the feelings of anxiety never go way this can be something else which is called an anxiety disorder. Many children and adults have this disorder, and it can cause issues with your sleep, concentration or diet. It can make you feel bad about yourself, give you stomach aches, cause you to cry often or become very angry. You can find yourself constantly worrying and having anxiety that doesn’t ever seem to go away. It these are things that are happening to you, they should not be ignored by you, your parents or your girl scout leader. Please call 988 for more advice if you are having the problems that have been listed in this part of the patch.


To complete this patch, download the document below to view the necessary activities required for completion.