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Meet Our Fetal Cardiology Team

Heather Sun, M.D., Director, Fetal Cardiology

Eleanor Lehnert Schuchardt, M.D.

Ian “Fraser” Golding, M.D.

Rachel McCandless, M.D.

Fetal Cardiac Nurse Coordinator

Rady Children’s Hospital provides families with the services of a Fetal Cardiac Nurse Coordinator when your baby has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease (CHD).

Hannah Bressner, BSN RN

In this role, our Fetal Cardiac Nurse Coordinator provides personalized care for you and your family during this pregnancy. The nurse coordinator supports you with education and resources to help you and your family prepare for your delivery and your baby’s care at Rady Children’s Hospital after birth.

Our Fetal Cardiac Nurse Coordinator will:

  • Work closely with your referring physician and keep your doctor informed of you and your baby’s needs and recommended treatment plans.
  • Help ensure there is an understanding of related medical conditions and treatment plan.
  • Provide resources along with mental and emotional support by connecting patients and families with social and community support systems.
  • Provide coordination of care by communicating with all areas of your care team.

Our Fetal Cardiac Nurse Coordinator, Hannah Bressner, can be reached at 858-576-1700 extension 223535 or via email at