Rady Children's Specialists

Kidney Transplant Program

Phone: 858-966-8354

Rady Children’s Kidney Transplant Program has three outstanding surgeons: Jennifer Beruman, M.D.Kristin Mekeel, M.D., and Alan Hemming, M.D. Dr. Mekeel trained at the University of Florida and practiced at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., prior to moving to San Diego.

Our transplant program has a shorter waiting time than other organ procurement organizations in Southern California. Moreover, the program has been seeing an expansion of living related donors due to the UC San Diego robotic organ donation program. Robotic donation decreases hospitalization time and adverse events.

For those patients who have family members who want to donate but are unable to do so due to blood group incompatibility, we provide a paired organ donation program. Paired organ donation allows a person to swap donor kidneys with other people in the United States, thus allowing both recipients to receive a living kidney transplant.

We also have a highly skilled group of urologic surgeons who work closely with Dr. Mekeel.