Newborn ScreeningOverview

Newborn screening is recognized nationally as an essential preventive public health measure. California requires that all newborns be screened for a variety of metabolic, endocrine and hemoglobin disorders as well as other genetic diseases. (For a complete list of the screened-for disorders, please refer to the California Newborn Screening Program website.) The goal of newborn screening is to prevent the long-term effects of genetic disease through early screening and early intervention.

Rady Children’s has been designated by the California Department of Public Health, Genetic Disease Screening Program as an Area Service Center. This Area Service Center serves San Diego, Imperial, Orange and Riverside counties. It is one of seven Area Service Centers in California.

Newborn Screening Area Service Centers follow up on positive newborn screens, inadequately and early collected specimens, infants with missing results, infants whose specimens were not obtained, and infants who are born outside of a birthing facility. In addition, we provide training, consultation and technical assistance to staff that collect and process specimens, primary care providers and public health departments. We also provide assistance, referral and education to families of affected infants.

Educational Materials from the California Newborn Screening Program

Important Information for Parents about the Newborn Screening Test

  • Includes information in multiple languages
  • Includes information for parents of infants who have NOT yet had the test

How to Order Newborn Screening Supplies

If you have any questions or if you need a fax order form, please call us at 800-793-1313.

Video: Ask Your Nurse — Newborn Screening

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