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Pediatric Surgery Fellowship

The fellowship in Pediatric Surgery focuses on general, abdominal, thoracic, oncologic and trauma surgery in children and neonates.  The program provides exposure to all aspects of pediatric general surgery, including patient evaluation, strategies for developing a therapeutic management plan, technical mastery of complex surgical procedures and perioperative care of the patient. A graduate will be positioned to manage the full spectrum of general pediatric surgical conditions and will be prepared to navigate private, group or academic practice.

Fellows are responsible for the ongoing care of hospitalized patients, for evaluating patients in the emergency department and in the clinic, and for attending to patients in the operating room with attending faculty supervising all clinical care. The didactic program involves a weekly rotating conference schedule consisting of core lectures, case conferences, journal clubs, radiology, pathology and interdisciplinary group meetings to be facilitated by the fellow and proctored by one or more expert faculty members.

A research project is required during the fellowship period.

Surgery Experience

The fellows will be exposed to the full complement of procedures performed by pediatric general surgeons:

  • Surgery for infants with congenital anomalies of the chest and abdomen, including but not limited to pulmonary malformations, diaphragmatic hernia, intestinal atresias, enterocolitis, Hirschprung disease, abdominal wall defects, aerodigestive tract anomalies and feeding difficulties
  • Emergency pediatric surgical evaluation, operation and postoperative care
  • hepatobiliary surgery for infants and children including but not limited to: biliary atresia, choledochal disease, gallbladder disease, hepatic resection
  • Vascular access including ECMO cannulation
  • Pediatric oncologic surgery
  • Routine outpatient surgery for hernia, abscess, soft-tissue tumors
  • Esophagoscopy and bronchoscopy
  • Trauma evaluation, critical care and surgery
  • Pediatric and neonatal intensive care rotations
  • Potential for subspecialty elective time


  • Daily care of surgical patients in conjunction with a team of faculty, residents, nurses and physician assistants
  • Clinic: at least ½ day a week
  • Monthly multidisciplinary meetings, including surgery/pathology/radiology conference and surgery/gastroenterology conference
  • Weekly core and case conference didactics
  • Research: 1 project
  • Resident Supervision: Yes
  • Call Responsibilities: Yes

Application/Requirements/Salary & Benefits

  • Application deadline: Fall 18 months prior to Aug. 1 start date (done via ERAS/NRMP application website)
  • Fellowship duration: 2 years
  • Number of fellows per year: 1 each year
  • University affiliation: UC San Diego School of Medicine
  • Licensing requirement: California Medical License
  • Benefits: Medical and liability insurance, hospital dues, meeting travel stipend, book stipend
  • Salary: Commensurate for PGY-6 level

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Alumni Past and Present

Dr. Katherine Davenport, 2012-2015 Phoenix, Children’s Hospital

Dr. Bhargava Mullapudi, 2016-2018 Cincinnati, Kansas

Dr. Benjamin Keller, 2018-2020 RCHSD

Dr. Jonathan Halbach, 2019-2021- Navy

Dr. Shunpei Okochi, 2020-2022 UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Dr. Amanda Harrington, 2021-2023 John Hopkins All Children’s, Tampa Florida

Dr. Timothy Tirrell, 2022-2024 Current 2nd-year fellow

Dr. Keon Young Park, 2023-2025 Current 1st-year fellow