For Referring Physicians

Please see the criteria below for referring patients to our Sleep Center:

Patients who must be seen in Pulmonary/Sleep Clinic or ENT clinics:

  • Children (up to age 18) who are otherwise healthy with a history of snoring and suspected obstructive sleep apnea can be referred to the Pulmonary/Sleep Clinic or ENT clinics for evaluation.

Patients who must be seen in the Pulmonary/Sleep Clinic:

  • Children with complex medical conditions (e.g. sickle cell disease, major craniofacial anomalies, Down syndrome)
  • Children who require oxygen/positive airway pressure (e.g. CPAP or Bilevel PAP)
  • Children with non-breathing related sleep disorders:
    • Insomnia
    • Behavioral insomnia
    • Circadian disorders
    • Hypersomnia
    • Suspected narcolepsy
    • Parasomnias (night terrors/sleep walking)
    • Sleep motor disturbances (periodic limb movement, restless leg syndrome)

*We are no longer accepting direct referrals to the sleep lab – this is to improve the quality of sleep studies by ensuring patient safety and that the appropriate orders are in place for our sleep technologists.

To contact one of our sleep physicians, call 858-966-5846.