Complex Sleep Apnea Program

The Complex Sleep Apnea Program cares for children with complex health issues who have persistent sleep issues despite traditional management for obstructive sleep apnea.

To help these children, the program uses the latest diagnostic tools and therapies, along with a coordinated care approach by sleep specialists from both respiratory medicine and otolaryngology.

Daniel Lesser, M.D., (Respiratory Medicine) and Javan Nation, M.D., (Otolaryngology) collaborate to create a management plan that considers the unique features of each child’s sleep disorder. Dr. Lesser assesses the child’s polysomnography, evaluates candidacy for positive airway pressure therapy and identifies the need to further evaluate the child or treat associated illnesses.

Dr. Nation provides expertise in anatomic assessment of the upper airway using in-office laryngoscopy, as well as drug-induced sleep endoscopy and referrals for cine airway MRI. He also has special expertise in cutting-edge surgical procedures that improve sleep-related breathing disorders, which he has successfully performed on patients in our program.

Conditions Treated



Daniel Lesser, M.D. (Respiratory Medicine)

Javan Nation, M.D. (Otolaryngology)


Carrie Arii, R.N.

Virginia Shaw, R.N.

Care Coordination and Scheduling

Sylvia Sandoval


*Appointments are by referral only.