Gross Motor Skill Milestones for Toddlers

18–23 Months

  • Squats to pick up toy from floor and returns to stand
  • Walks backwards and sideways
  • Runs flat footed
  • Jumps down from a step, one foot leading
  • Kicks and throw a large ball
  • Climbs steps, holding on, two feet on each step
  • Rides small riding toy without pedals

24–29 Months

  • Climbs steps, holding on, one foot on each step
  • Takes three steps on a 4″ wide balance board on the floor
  • Tries to balance on one foot
  • Walks on tip-toes
  • Jumps up off the ground with both feet
  • Throws a tennis ball to you from 7-10 feet away

30–35 Months

  • Goes down steps without holding on, two feet on each step
  • Catches playground ball thrown from very close
  • Walks on a line
  • Jumps forward with both feet
  • Balances on one foot a few seconds
  • Rides tricycle