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Art on Display

koalaFriendly, sometimes interactive, art is everywhere in our healing environment. It nourishes our patients and distracts them from the medical challenges they face.

Sculpture Fountain

You’ll find the centerpiece of our art collection outside the main entrance to the Rose Pavilion. Called “Inspiration,” the sculpture fountain features seven larger-than-life-size children playing together. Dennis Smith of Utah created the sculpture.

Bronze Sculptures

Bronze sculptures of animals in the hall on both the second and third levels invite petting. They sit atop window sills, quiet and still, waiting for a friendly child’s hand.

The Yellow Brick Road

On the second floor of the Rose Pavilion, walk outside into our central courtyard and see The Yellow Brick Road, a ceramic tile wall, by Ellen Phillips and Jesus and Mary Lynn Dominguez of San Diego. This piece invites children to play with the many bronze toys embedded in the wall.


Several polages by Austine Wood-Comarow of San Diego decorate our walls. These round glass illustrations change as you look at them. There are 14 polages located throughout the hospital.

Petting Zoo

The pieces in the hall that connects the Rose Pavilion to the Nelson Family Pavilion create our Petting Zoo. Close you eyes and let your fingers feel the fur, feathers or scales, and then try to name each creature.

Incrediball Circus

Immediately to the left of the main lobby in the Rose Pavilion, you’ll see, and hear, the “Incrediball Circus” designed by George Rhoads of New York. Colorful balls loop spin and twirl through this silly maze.

Play Stations

You’ll find interactive “Play Stations” made by Bob Mason of Del Mar in the hall connecting our two main buildings. Take a moment to explore their surprises and see what each station offers.

The Little Engine that Could

Stop by Radiology on the Sun Level to see an incredible model train that passes through a small town and a mountain pass.

Rady Children’s Community Gallery

Around the corner from Radiology on the Sun Level is the Rady Children’s Community Gallery. The original artwork created by our talented friends in the community is changed once a year.