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COVID Collaborative for Children

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The COVID Collaborative for Children is offering COVID-19 testing to Rady Children’s patients.

The goal is to test 2,000 children, their families and pediatricians/clinicians/staff a day.logo

Why the Collaborative is Needed

Widespread, continuous testing for COVID-19 is crucial to understanding how to protect the children of San Diego County from the virus and being proactive in identifying an outbreak or surge early. This will not only help the community in getting though the pandemic but will assist in the efforts to open businesses and schools.

Where Testing Is Offered

Testing has been occurring at Rady Children’s since mid-March for high-risk patients, patients having surgery or a procedure, all patients who have been admitted and patients coming through primary care, the emergency department, urgent care centers and specialty clinics. 

In addition to Rady Children’s patients, the collaborative’s testing population includes children in the county’s California Children’s Services and those served by the San Diego Regional Center, which provides care to children with developmental disabilities, and the county’s foster care system.

How the Test is Performed

Rady Children’s patients (and their parent) who have an appointment with their primary care office or at a clinic will be offered a COVID-19 PCR test. This test is performed using a small swab in both sides of the nose, which is a quick and painless procedure. The results will be back in 24-48 hours, and if the test is positive, a phone call will be made to the family. For negative results, a phone call will be made within 72 hours.

If Your Child Is Not a Rady Children’s Patient

Currently, the testing is for Rady Children’s patients and their families, but the county is working with other providers to join this collaborative. Please check with your physician about receiving testing.

For more information on the collaborative, email