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Kitchen Safety Products

Cabinet Flex Lock

Image - Safety Store - Flex LockHelps prevent toddlers from opening cabinets. Works on cabinets with handles or knobs.

Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Image - Safety Store - Drawer Latches3-pack, 7-pack or 12-pack
Child-resistant latch help keep cabinets and drawers secure.

Push ‘n Snap Cabinet Lock

Image - Safety Store - Push 'n Snap Cabinet LockHelps prevent toddlers from opening cabinets. Featured Secure-Tech lock indicator lets you know that it is securely locked.

Cabinet Slide Lock

Image - Safety Store - Cabinet Slide LockHelps keep children out of cabinets that are off-limits. Works on cabinets with handles or knobs. Easy for adults to use and install.

Multi-Purpose Appliance Latch

Image - Safety Store - Appliance LatchIdeal for freezer, refrigerator, microwave or dishwasher

Oven Front Lock

Image - Safety Store - Oven LockHelps keep children from opening oven door.
Durable and heat resistant.

Refrigerator Lock

Image - Safety Store - Fridge LatchDisable for temporary non-use; parents simply press to release.

Spring ‘n Release Latch

Image - Safety Store - Spring N Release LatchSpring loaded for easy use; features wide easy-grip surface.

Stove Knob Covers

Image - Safety Store - Stove CoversCovers stove knobs to help prevent accidents.
Convenient hinged lid for easy adult-only access