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Autism Discovery Institute

Hospital Visit Tips

Adequately preparing your child is an important step in ensuring a successful hospital visit. Letting your child know about the upcoming change to their schedule and providing them with an idea of what to expect will help lessen anxiety. Here are some tips and resources for you to use:

Hospital Visit Toolkit – Download our comprehensive toolkit designed to support caregivers and hospital staff to improve the overall hospital experience for children with an autism spectrum disorder. The toolkit includes tips, visual cards, examples, training tools and much more.

Patient Intake Form (English | Spanish) – Provide your child’s medical team with important insights on how to best care for your child.

What To Bring – Check out this list of suggested items to bring with you to your child’s appointment.

Social Stories – Prepare your child for their visit by creating a social story informing them of what to expect during their visit. A social story template and a variety of pictures are provided for your use.

Some departments, such as Surgical Services, offer a tour that you and your child can attend prior to the visit or procedure. This can help your child become familiar with the surroundings and give them an idea of what to expect on the day of their appointment. Ask your child’s medical team if they offer any tours or video demonstrations of their common procedures.

Buy a play doctor’s kit and practice using the stethoscope, syringe, blood pressure device, etc. Have your child practice it on you, too!