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Rady Children's Specialists

Educational Conferences

All meetings are monthly unless noted otherwise.


Division Meeting

This monthly meeting of all attending physicians, intermediate care physicians, nursing leadership, and fellows addresses administrative, financial, and operational issues pertaining to the division of emergency medicine at Rady Children’s.

PEM Grand Rounds

Assigned faculty member or fellow will be expected to give a high-level, evidence-based lecture on a topic of their choice to the faculty and fellows.

Resuscitation Conference

This conference will discuss topics pertinent to critically ill patients, including case review, airway video review, and procedure review.

Child Protection Team Conference

Interesting child abuse cases/topics are reviewed by the PEM faculty and fellows with faculty representatives from the child protection team.

Case Review

This conference is devoted to reviewing cases with unexpected outcomes and all deaths. The focus is on evaluation of systems issues which may contribute to adverse patient outcomes.

Radiology/Ultrasound Conference

This conference alternates between a combined conference with the divisions of PEM and Radiology, in which we review interesting ED radiographs, and Ultrasound Conference, in which a didactic session is followed by case review.


This is a joint conference with Cardiology to review interesting EKGs and learn subtle EKG interpretation skills.


This conference is a collaborative effort with the divisions of Hospital Medicine and Critical Care Medicine where we discuss interesting cases from ED visit to hospital discharge and delve into the literature supporting the patients’ care.

Fellowship Program Meeting

This fellow-only meeting is a forum where the fellowship director, program coordinator, and fellows discuss fellowship-related issues.

Quick Hits

This session, led by a faculty member, will focus on brief educational pearls for the topic of the month.

Fellow Case

The PEM fellow assigned to this conference will present an interesting case, focusing on diagnosis, management and treatment of the pathology as well as discussion of issues surrounding social determinants of health and equity, diversity, and inclusion that may have contributed to the patient’s care.

PEM Attending Small Group

This conference will be led by a faculty member and will emphasize an interactive small-group, discussion-focused educational session on the topic of the month.

Core Content

The core curriculum is reviewed over two years, utilizing “hot spots” identified through monthly assigned med challenger questions.

Critical Analysis/Journal Watch/Landmark Articles

Fellows and faculty rotate critically analyzing and reviewing the stats for PEM journal articles, reviewing the latest published PEM literature, and discussing landmark PEM articles and their relevance to day-to-day practice.

Scholarship Oversight Committee 

This conference is overseen by the SOC and is devoted to the evaluation of fellows’ proposed research projects and constructive criticism of fellows’ ongoing projects. The fellow assigned to this conference will be responsible for a formal presentation of his/her research.

Fellow Simulation Session

These monthly sessions will occur in the Simulation Center at the UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Trauma Morbidity and Mortality Conference

This multidisciplinary conference reviews the trauma care provided to RCHSD patients in the prior month.

Research/QI Conference

This conference alternates between research and QI topics, focusing on principles useful in creating robust and disseminatable research or QI products.

Career Development/Wellness

This quarterly conference will focus on physician wellness and career development topics chosen by the fellows.