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Fetal Care Coordinator

Fetal Care Coordinator Overview

Our Fetal Care Coordinator will:

  • Work closely with your referring physician and keep your doctor informed of your
    baby’s needs and recommended treatment plans.
  • Stay in touch with you throughout your pregnancy to offer support and resources you and your family may need.
  • Help you navigate the health care system and all of your appointments.
  • Schedule a tour of our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  • Collaborate with your healthcare team to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and personalized care planning.
  • Provide transition into outpatient follow-up care.

Our Fetal Care Coordinator Erin Smiech, BSN, RN can be reached at 858-966-7814 or via email at

Fetal Cardiology

If you have been referred to Fetal Cardiology, our Fetal Cardiac Nurse Coordinator can be reached at 858-576-1700 extension 223535 or via email at