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Rady Children's Specialists

Clinical Research Centers

There are five centers of clinical research:

Center for Spinal Deformities

Rady Children’s is a core site for a multicenter, international study on the outcomes of scoliosis surgery. This study has reached its 10th year, with one of the most comprehensive scoliosis databases in the world (more than 5,000 patients and follow-up visits up to 20 years post-operative). Another ongoing study is looking at the effects of spinal fusion operations on trunk motion after surgery.

International Center for Pediatric Hip Disorders

The Center conducts research on the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatric hip deformities; specifically, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease; slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE); developmental dysplasia of the hip, and femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI).

Trauma Research Center

The Center investigates patterns and trends of traumatic injury in children, as well as outcomes of treating orthopedic injuries, including diagnostic assessment of injury and long term sequelae of growth plate injuries.

Sports Research Center

The Center focuses on investigating patterns and trends of sports injury in children and adolescents (including young adults). Current studies utilize 3-D technology to evaluate injury patterns and multi-center databases to assess outcomes.

Center for Orthopedic Outcomes

The Center conducts research on the treatment of various orthopedic conditions not included in the four subspecialty centers. This center encompasses a registry of all children seen at our orthopedic department. Ongoing projects include effects of obesity on the childhood musculoskeletal system and management of multiple congenital and acquired hand and foot pathologies.

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