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Dance Medicine

Ballerina sitting on the floor of classroom and tying white satin ribbons around her ankles

Dance Medicine and Wellness Institute at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego

Dance Medicine
Dancers of all styles are a unique population who combine strength and athleticism with grace and art. They are exposed to an unusual environment which places them at risk for acute and chronic overuse injuries which are not necessarily encountered in other athletes. With her extensive pre-professional training in ballet and multiple other styles of dance prior to a career in Orthopedic surgery, Dr. Cidambi understands the rigorous schedule, nutritional demands and special shoewear which accompanies and influences a dancer’s training. We aim to treat your dancer’s care with a holistic approach which focuses not only on an active issue or pain but works to identify risk factors and change lifestyle habits which may contribute to future injuries or prolonged healing time. Rehab and recovery will be tailored uniquely to the individual dancer based on their age, mobility and training schedule with a focus on personal long-term wellness. Our team will also interface directly with the Orthopedic Sports Physicians at Rady Children’s if there are additional procedural or surgical needs for the dancer.

Our mission with the dance medicine clinic is to combine wellness in dancers of all ages, prevent injury and teach wellness habits to promote and prolong the health of their bodies. Our goal is a long and fulfilling life in dance while treating any injuries or pain they may encounter along their path.

Our Team

Emily Cidambi, M.D.

Domanique Peretti, MS, ATC

Lexi Bartsch, PA-C

Rachel Festerly, LVN

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