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Rady Children's Specialists

Facial injuries due to trauma

Trauma to a child’s face most frequently results from auto accidents and falls. Injuries resulting from trauma to the face can involve the skin, soft tissues and facial skeleton.

Specialized structures which may be injured include:

  • Muscles for lip movement and eyelid closure
  • Nerves for sensation and movement of the face
  • Ducts for drainage of tears and saliva
  • Cartilages for support of the ears and nose
  • Bones for support of the orbital contents and facial form

The evaluation and diagnosis of facial trauma requires a careful examination, along with a CT scan, when bones may be fractured. It is important for treatment to be managed by a team of specialists. Our pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeons are highly experienced in treating traumatic injuries in children and preventing post-traumatic deformities and disfiguring scars. They team with pediatric oculoplastic surgeons, oral surgeons and neurosurgeons to assure the best outcome for children brought to Rady Children’s.

The pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeon understands the effects of injury on facial growth in children and uses this knowledge of future growth in treating complex injuries.