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Advantages for Children

Proton therapy has been successfully used with children for more than 20 years. It is considered the ideal form of radiation for pediatric patients, as it provides a more precise approach to destroying certain tumors and cancers compared to conventional X-ray radiation.


Emily had proton therapy for an aggressive brain tumor. Today she is cancer-free. Read her remarkable story.

The therapy involves the use of a controlled beam of protons to target tumors with control and precision unavailable in other radiation therapies. The targeted delivery of proton energy limits damage to healthy surrounding tissue and allows for a more potent and effective dose of radiation to be used. The pencil beam technology used at the center makes the delivery even more precise.

Less damage to the healthy surrounding tissue is especially important for children, as it means less damage to growing organs, such as the brain, heart and lungs. As a result, long-term complications associated with X-ray therapy are significantly reduced as well, such as growth and hormonal deficiencies and the risk of secondary cancers later in life.