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Spinal Defects Clinic

The Spinal Defects Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic under the direction of the Rehabilitation Medicine division. Patients with congenital conditions such as the spinal birth defect, spina bifida are provided with a team approach to medical and lifestyle management. Spina bifida is a birth defect where both the spine and spinal cord aren’t formed properly. The birth defect can be treated early on with spine surgery. Severe back pain and muscle weakness are some of the symptoms associated with the spinal cord defect. In addition to more pain, complications associated with spina bifida include scoliosis and walking issues.

The spinal birth defect team includes the following specialties:

Clinics for issues involving spines are held on Tuesday afternoons in the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic at the Main Campus by appointment. To schedule an appointment regarding spinal defects, call 858-966-8896.