Requesting Copies of Your Child’s Medical Records

Requests for copies of your child’s medical records must be made in writing. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete and print the Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information form. (English/Español)
  2. Sign and print the Policy for Obtaining Copies of Patient Records form. (English/Español)
  3. Mail your completed forms to:

Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego
Health Information Department – Release of Information
3020 Children’s Way, MC 5049 
San Diego, California 92123-4282

You can also call 858-966-5904 and ask that the forms be mailed to you.

Important Information

Records can be released to anyone who the patient or legal guardian authorizes (in writing) to receive such information. A valid authorization MUST contain the following information or the request will be returned:

  • Patient’s full name and date of birth. Specific information being requested (i.e., type of report/information and dates of service, etc.)
  • Purpose for which the information may be disclosed (i.e., personal use, continuity of care, legal matter)
  • To whom the information is to be sent (name and address)
  • Authorization’s expiration date if desired (otherwise, the authorization will be valid six months from date signed)
  • The patient’s signature or a patient’s legal representative’s signature
  • Date of the signature

Please note that unsigned requests will not be processed. Requests for copies of medical records of deceased patients require a copy of the death certificate or evidence of next of kin or executorship of the estate. Please make sure all areas are filled out completely and correctly. Incomplete releases will be returned for correction.

For law firms, copy services, law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Office or Child Protective Services, the physical address for the Health Information Management Department is:

Rady Children’s Business Center
5855 Copley Drive, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92111

Office Hours: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday