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Getting to Know: Hikosuke Leon, Environmental Services Attendant and Relief Lead

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Photo taken before COVID-19 pandemic

Keeping Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego’s hundreds of rooms and plentiful hallways clean is no small task, but the EVS team handles it like the professionals they are. Following specialized training and using specific chemical and disinfecting procedures (they even have a manual outlining steps and products), team members help to prevent the spread of infection and keep all of the Hospital’s patients, visitors and staff safe. Especially during high-risk times like these, EVS workers are among some of our greatest health care heroes, and they come in each day knowing their work is essential and even life-saving. One such worker, Hikosuke Leon, an EVS attendant and relief lead, took a few minutes from his busy schedule so we could learn a little more about his role, how EVS works and some of his day-off favorites.

What is a day on the job like?

A day in EVS is cleaning everything that we can see within our area, taking out the trash and linen from the patient rooms, and disinfecting the rooms of patients who have been discharged.

Tell us more about what a relief lead does.

As a relief lead, my duties include ensuring all 29 cleaning schedules are covered on second shift. I monitor the computer for room discharges, make sure the discharges are completed in a timely manner, and answer the phone and assign work.  My duties also include checking on the EVS attendants and making sure they are okay, inspecting rooms that were cleaned for quality, treating rooms using the UV light to deeply disinfect them, and trying to help my team and my colleagues in any way I can.

What brought you to work at Rady Children’s?

A friend told me that EVS was hiring staff and I took the opportunity.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing is working side by side with my coworkers, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

What is an interesting fact or statistic about the EVS team?

On a daily basis, the EVS team cleans more than 300 rooms. Over a period of one year, we complete more than 25,000 discharge cleans.

What is your personal motto?

Give my best day by day.

What are some of your hobbies?

Playing video games and watching anime and movies.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I like to bake cupcakes.

What dishes would you pick for your perfect meal?