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sccpcComprehensive Spasticity Management Program

Our pediatric physical medicine specialist cares for children with oral medication, botulinum toxin and intrathecal baclofen. Baclofen, a drug to treat spasticity and dystonia, can be effectively delivered directly to the nerve cells in the spinal cord and the brain via an implanted pump.

Botox Treatment for Spasticity

To learn more about Botox treatment for spasticity, click here.

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Motion Analysis Lab

A Motion Analysis Laboratory uses modern computer technology to obtain a detailed report of how different parts of the body interact when they are in motion. This information is then compared to normal movement patterns. By studying the differences, an individualized treatment plan with recommendations for spasticity management, braces, physical therapy and/or surgery can be developed. To obtain a gait study, please feel free to contact us.

Adaptive Equipment Resources

The SCCPC has a great working relationship with a number of certified vendors are available for proper fitting of orthotics, prosthetics and wheelchairs.

Surgical Interventions

A number of surgical interventions for children with cerebral palsy were designated and extensively studied at Rady Children’s. These treatments are available to treat the issues associated with cerebral palsy including scoliosis, muscle contractures, joint dislocations, rotational abnormalities, shoe wear issues and pain.

The Lifespan Clinic (Adult CP Clinic)

The needs of patients with cerebral palsy change with age. Adults with cerebral palsy may develop problems not encountered during childhood due to the aging process. At the Lifespan Clinic, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the Adult CP patient. For more information about the Lifespan Clinic, click here.