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Child Life Careers

If you are interested in a career in child life services, here is some advice from the specialists at Rady Children’s:

  • Visit the Association of Child Life Professionals website, This site provides information on child life certification, academic requirements and reading materials. Read and learn as much as you can about child life.
  • Relate school projects and papers to issues in child life.
  • Obtain information on child life certification from the Association of Child Life Professionals. Verify that your coursework will meet the requirements for internships and certification.
  • Get experience working with children and families in healthcare settings, as well as with healthy children and families. To volunteer at Rady Children’s, contact Volunteer Services.
  • If you are not enrolled in a child life academic program, explore courses offered in other departments or universities that relate to child life. Courses in medical terminology, children and healthcare, play therapy, expressive therapies, and disabilities are all good to have. For more information on child life academic programs, visit
  • Purchase the Child Life Directory available from the Association of Child Life Professionals. This will give you information on internships available throughout the United States. Click here to learn about Rady Children’s Child Life Internship.