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Rady Children's Specialists

Surgical Instructions

Pre-Operative Planning

Surgical Coordinators

Arcelia: 858-576-1700, (ext. 223752)– Schedules for Dr. Matthew Brigger, Dr. Anthony Magit and PA-C Virginia Floco

Monica: 858-576-1700, (ext. 223744)– Schedules for Dr. Shelby Leuin, Dr. Tzyynong “Tina” Friesen, Dr. Morgan Bliss, and Dr. Phillip Gaudreau

Pamela: 858-576-1700, (ext. 223753)– Schedules for Dr. Daniela Carvalho, Dr. Wen Jiang, Dr. Elina Kari and PA-C Kristina McCauley

Adriana: 858-576-1700, (ext. 223691)– Schedules for Dr. Vijay Patel, PA-C Anita Lazar and PA-C Sallie Reyes

Gisselle: 858-576-1700, (ext. 223129)– Schedules for Dr. Jeremy Yang, Dr. Ethan Frank, PA-C Megan Copeland and PA-C Ashley Sheng

Insurance Coordinators

Leticia: 858-576-1700, (ext. 243762)

Preparing for Surgery

Schedule a Pre-op Tour

Rady Children’s Hospital offers a pre-surgery orientation that includes a walking tour, an information session, and an opportunity to ask questions. Click below to schedule a “Pre-op Tour.”


Day of Surgery

Surgeries are performed on the first floor of the Acute Care Pavilion.

You and your child will be checked in by the preoperative room nurse. Your nurse will review your child’s medical history, have you sign the informed consent allowing your surgeon to perform surgery and get your child dressed and ready for surgery. While in the preoperative area, you will get a chance to meet your anesthesiologist and ask him questions. Your surgeon will also meet you there and answer any last questions before proceeding with surgery.

Your child will then be taken to the operating room by the OR nurse. You will be guided to wait either in a consultation room or in the lobby during the surgery. After the surgery is complete, your surgeon will come talk to you to discuss the procedure and how to take care of your child during the recovery.

Post-Operative Instructions

Triage Nurses (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., except holidays) 858-309-7706

After hours, if urgent, please call the Hospital Operator at 858-576-1700 (press “0”) and ask to have the on-call ENT physician paged.