A new idea. A different approach. A better solution. From the research lab to the bedside, Rady Children’s brings a passion for innovation to every moment, always striving for excellence, always seeking to advance.  Never forgetting that kids come first.

Kate’s Story

The story of Kate Cunningham, featured on our homepage, is just one example of innovation at work. Through his research on rare diseases, Dr. Hal Hoffman was able to identify her disease and successfully treat it. Learn more about Kate’s journey in the video below.

Innovations in Care

Innovations in Technology

  • A kid-friendly MRI machine that enables our young patients to listen to music or watch movies while being scanned, resulting in less stressful scans and faster and better exams.
  • A groundbreaking orthopedic X-ray machine called EOS that produces highly detailed head-to-toe images using significantly less radiation than a standard X-ray.
  • An amazing EEG “tattoo,” a stamp-sized patch of tiny circuits, sensors and wireless transmitters to detect seizures in infants. (Currently being tested)
  • Proton therapy (through a partnership with Scripps Health), a highly advanced treatment that targets brain, spinal cord and others cancers with incredible precision.
  • Telemedicine robots that allow doctors to examine patients from anywhere.

Innovations in Research

  • Research by our Allergy/Immunology and Gastroenterology Divisions that has led to the development of a novel treatment for eosinophilic esophagitis, a painful throat disorder.
  • Advanced stem cell research for diabetes and pediatric liver disease.
  • Genomics and other cutting-edge research to identify diseases and provide personalized therapies.

It’s about saving lives …  in our region, across the country and around the world.