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Medical Student Rotations

Medical student rotations are available at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego; however, since Rady Children’s is not a medical school, we cannot offer academic credit.

To secure a rotation and receive an educational credit, fourth-year visiting medical students must first contact UC San Diego’s visiting student program. The coordinator will assign a rotation in the pediatric specialty of the student’s choice if space is available. Please click on the links below for more detailed information.

How to secure a rotation (medical students)

For fourth-year medical students looking to complete an elective at Rady Children’s for academic credit:

  1. To receive educational credit, all fourth-year medical students must have their rotation at Rady Children’s campus approved by UCSD School of Medicine. Contact the visiting student program at UC San Diego School of Medicine for more information (
  2. Once rotation dates are secured, students should complete the Rady Children’s GME registration. Registration needs to be updated for each academic year in which you rotate at Rady Children’s.
  3. At least two weeks prior to rotation start date, submit your GME registration. Computer access and badge privileges will be granted upon receipt.
  4. Please contact the appropriate RCHSD Division Administrator to contact regarding schedules and day-to-day duties.