Rotating at Rady Children’s

For residents and fellows from out-of-town training programs:

Training at Rady Children’s Hospital is sponsored by ACGME-accredited University of California, San Diego. As such, you will need to register with the UC San Diego GME Office in order to get initial approval for your rotation.

  1. Once your training program, UC San Diego, and the Rady Children’s specialty department have approved the dates of your rotation, you will also need to register with the Rady Children’s GME Office.
  2. For Rady Children’s, complete the following (available in the forms section):
    – Resident/Fellow GME Form
    – Confidentiality Form
    – Badge Request Form
    – Letter of Verification (blanks to be completed by resident or resident’s program administrator)
  3. In addition, the trainee will provide Rady Children’s with copies of the following:
    – Medical School Diploma
    – CV
    – Current Medical License (3rd years and above)
    – TAD Orders (Military Trainees)
    – ECFMG Certificate (Foreign Medical School Graduates Only)
  4. Fax all copies listed in #3 and #4 to Rady Children’s GME Office at 858-966-7477 at least two weeks in advance of your rotation.  The Rady Children’s GME Office will authorize your ID Badge, Computer Access Codes and parking access once all forms are submitted.
  5. The Rady Children’s GME Office will contact you with access instructions prior to your arrival.

For San Diego residents and fellows:

Same as above, but the Letter of Verification and Statement Of Educational Purpose (in #3) are not required.

For non-UC San Diego medical students:

Similar to residents and fellows, medical student training at Rady Children’s Is sponsored by UC San Diego School of Medicine.

  1. Obtain approval for the rotation from UC San Diego School of Medicine. Contact the visiting studen coordinator, Adrienne Edwards at 858-534-1396 or
  2. Once approved by UC San Diego, students should make contact with the Rady Children’s department through which you’d like to rotate to ensure they can accommodate you.
  3. After you have approval from UC San Deigo and the Rady Children’s department, complete the Medical Student Paperwork (see Forms). Fax your completed paperwork to the GME Office at least two weeks in advance of your rotation start date.
  4. Once paperwork is submitted, the GME office will authorize your ID badge and computer access. Upon arrival for your rotation, your rotation department administrator will instruct you on how to retrieve your badge and clinical experience.