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Medical Staff FAQs

1. What do I need for a resident or fellow rotating at Rady Children’s?

Assure completion of the following by each resident or student:

  • Have a signed contract between Rady Children’s and the parent program.
  • Have a signed SOEP between the parent program residency director and the responsible educator at Rady Children’s.
  • Have written and updated yearly curriculum, evaluation procedures, oversight policy, and list of procedures and services that may be rendered independently by a resident or fellow.
  • Have all policies, procedures, data and logs to meet or exceed the ACGME or ABMS requirements for that specialty.  To obtain forms, secure contracts and SOEPs, please contact the GME coordinator’s office at 858-966-6138.

2. If I am a member of Rady Childrens Medical Staff, can I have a UC San Diego pediatric or specialty resident rotate with me in the Hospital, clinic or private office?

Yes, but you must be a voluntary or paid UC San Diego faculty member, AND you must have your rotation approved by either the UC San Diego Department of Pediatrics (if a pediatric or med/peds resident) or appropriate UC San Diego specialty program curriculum committee.

3. If I am not a UC San Diego faculty member and I wish to have residents rotate  with me, how can I obtain UC San Diego voluntary faculty status?

Contact the appropriate department (Pediatrics, Surgery, etc) for the paperwork and documentation you will need to provide.

4. If I am a member of Rady Children’s Medical Staff, can I have non-UC San Diego residents rotate with me in the Hospital, clinic or private office?

Possibly. Contact Rady Children’s GME office for details.

5. What if a resident from outside of San Diego wishes to rotate with me at Rady Children’s?

Contact Allison Reinhardt at UC San Diego for pediatric residents or Rady Children’s GME office for non-pediatric residents. Most of these residents are from approved residency programs and are welcome at Rady Children’s. Either short-term (two weeks) or long-term (year-round) rotations can be accommodated.

As noted above, a contract and SOEP will be required if not already in place. Contact the GME office.

6. What if the resident is from a program outside of the United States?

Contact Rady Children’s GME office. Dr. Marchese will work with you  to assure appropriateness of the parent institution and assure malpractice and other issues are coordinated. Most of these residents are highly motivated, but require a sponsor in the United States. Housing, transportation and food/supplies must be furnished by the visiting resident or the sponsoring Rady Children’s Medical Staff member.

7. What if a resident changes his/her mind later and adds/deletes a rotation?

You or your coordinator must notify Rady Children’s GME office of any changes at any time during the year.

8. What about medical students? Can the UC San Diego students rotate with me? What about non-UC San Diego medical students, particularly those from  abroad?

All medical students requesting rotation credit must go through UC San Diego Medical School for approval. Once approved, you may schedule the rotation at your convenience.