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Rady Children's Specialists

Turner Syndrome Clinic


The Turner Syndrome Clinic, directed by Karen Klein, M.D., evaluates and treats children diagnosed with this condition. Along with providing comprehensive care, we offer guidance for patients, parents and families dealing with Turner Syndrome and associated disorders .

During their clinic visit, patients have the opportunity to coordinate care among specialists and interact with other families. Lunch and social time with families and girls are offered during some of the clinics, as well information on local support groups. Patients can also receive some of the recommended diagnostic testing, including:

Pediatric endocrinology care with Dr. Karen Klein to assess growth, puberty and thyroid status and discuss the most current recommendations on care.





Audiology assessment with Shauni Goldgrub, Au.D., who can provide care in both English and Spanish.




Cardiology care with Dr. Beth Printz, including cardiac MRI, echocardiogram and ECG as needed.





Developmental Pediatric assessments and advice about counseling, school, diagnoses and more from Dr. Lauren Gist.





Genetics information from Dr. Kristen Wigby to help navigate individual chromosome questions and implications.





Additionally, our specialists can provide referrals to specialists in Otolaryngology and Orthopedics.

Clinic appointments are available on the third Friday of each month.

To schedule an appointment, contact Angelica Saldana at 858-966-4032.