Outpatient Services

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring


Dr. Nadine Benador provides outpatient dialysis and apheresis

Some children have “white coat syndrome,” high blood pressure due to anxiety about seeing the doctor. In the past, many of these children underwent expensive and invasive testing, which proved to be unnecessary. To determine if a child has true high blood pressure, Rady Children’s developed an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Program.

The child wears a blood-pressure cuff that inflates every 20 minutes during the day and every hour at night. A referral to this program is required from your child’s physician.

Apheresis Center

Directed by Nadine Benador, M.D., apheresis services are provided on an outpatient basis.

Combination Therapy for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

In the 1980s, two pediatric nephrologists who trained together at the National Institutes of Health laboratories, Bruce Tune, M.D., and Stan Mendoza, M.D., (our former section chief at Rady Children’s) developed a combination therapy of pulse methylprednisolone, alternate day corticosteroids and oral cyclophosphamide for the treatment of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). This therapeutic approach, known as Tune Mendoza, was shown to have very good results: Combined complete and partial remission rates exceeding 60-70 percent were reported. Rady Children’s offers this therapy.

Dialysis Center

Directed by Nadine Benador, M.D., dialysis services are provided on an outpatient basis.

Joint Rheumatology and Nephrology Lupus Clinic

The Joint Rheumatology and Nephrology Lupus Clinic cares for children and young adults affected by systemic lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune condition. In lupus, the body attacks tissues and organs such as joints, skin, kidneys, bone marrow and the brain.

With this joint clinic, children see a nephrologist and rheumatologist in the same visit. They are also seen by a dietitian, social worker and rheumatology nurses. This clinic is currently run by Robert Sheets, M.D., (Rheumatology) and Peter Yorgin, M.D., (Nephrology) who develop and coordinate a treatment plan.

To schedule an appointment with the clinic, call 858-966-8052.

Kidney Biopsies

Kidney biopsies are used to diagnose various diseases. This is a short procedure using general anesthesia where a special needle is used to take a small sample of kidney tissue and can usually be accomplished as an outpatient procedure.

Kidney Transplant Clinic

We provide transplant evaluations for children undergoing dialysis. A referral is required from your child’s physician.

Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic (multidisciplinary)