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Botox Injections for Chronic Migraine Headache

If you have not achieved significant improvement in your chronic migraine headaches, or have had intolerable side effects with trials of at least two different daily preventative, prescription medications, your neurologist may consider prescribing Botox injections.

The Botox injection procedure for chronic migraines involves 31 intramuscular injections with a very small needle (across seven sites: forehead, temples, back of the head, neck and shoulders). The procedure is done every three months and can take at least two treatments to notice a significant improvement in headaches.

This is a treatment with Food and Drug Administration indication for chronic migraines in adults, and in studies it has also been found to be safe and effective in adolescents. The treatment is usually well tolerated by patients 12 years and older.

For instructions on how to prepare for Botox injections, click here.