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Rady Children's Specialists


Salil V. Upasani, M.D., Director, Pediatric Orthopedic Training Program
Interests: Hip preservation, DDH, scoliosis, spinal disorders, trauma

Henry G. Chambers, M.D., 1989-1990 San Diego Fellowship Alumni
Interests: Cerebral palsy, sports medicine (knee, elbow, ankle)

Emily Cidambi, M.D.
Interests: Foot, ankle and lower extremity, with a particular interest in dance medicine

Maya E. Pring, M.D., Coordinator, Pediatric Residency, 2002-2003 San Diego Fellowship Alumni
Interests: Deformity correction, tumor, hip preservation, trauma, sports, general pediatric orthopedics

Peter O. Newton, M.D., Director, Orthopedic Clinical Program
Interests: Scoliosis, spinal disorders

Eric W. Edmonds, M.D., 2007-2008 San Diego Fellowship Alumni
Interests: Sports medicine (shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, hip), trauma

Andrew T. Pennock, M.D.
Interests: Sports medicine (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle), trauma

Kathleen Rickert, M.D.
Interests: Cerebral palsy and lower extremity deformities

C. Douglas Wallace, M.D., 1994-1995 San Diego Fellowship Alumni
Interests: Congenital abnormalities, hand, brachial plexus injuries, trauma, clubfoot, general pediatric orthopedics

Other Staff

Holly Loeffler, B.S. Ed, Coordinator, Pediatric Orthopedic Training Program

Dustin Kerkstra, R.N., Manager, Orthopedic & Rehab Medicine Clinics

Tracey Bastrom, M.A., Manager, Clinical Research

Christy Farnsworth, M.S., Manager, Translational Research

Carrie Bartley, M.A ., Research Associate

Alyssa Carroll, M.P.H., Research Associate

J.D. Bomar, M.P.H., Research Coordinator