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Rady Children's Specialists

Hip Center

The International Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Hip Disorders was launched at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego in 2009. It is now widely recognized throughout the United States and the world as a leading referral center for both simple and complex hip problems.

Michelle’s hip dysplasia halted her dream of dancing. Surgery by Dr. Salil Upasani got her back to pursuing her passion. Watch her incredible story on CBS 8.

The Center is comprised of an expert team of orthopedic surgeons who have extensively researched hip disorders.

Our areas of expertise include a wide variety of traumatic, congenital and developmental conditions of the hip.

The Center’s goal is to provide world-class care for children, adolescents, and some young adults by applying the knowledge that our world-renowned faculty has gained through their clinical experience and research. As the biology and mechanics of the hip in a developing human are much different than in an adult, our medical and surgical care is tailored to the special needs of the growing child.

Our program begins with care for the infant and includes sophisticated office-based ultrasound analysis of hip dysplasia. As the use of corrective harnesses for baby hip problems was developed at our Center, we have established one of the largest Pavlik harness treatment programs internationally.

As the child gets older, we provide advanced knowledge regarding the treatment and surgical management of all complex hip disorders, extending into late adolescence and on occasion, into young adulthood.

The late teen/young adult program focuses on management of the recently defined hip impingement syndromes, commonly seen in young athletes.

Along with providing highly specialized surgery, the Center offers:

  • Access to and referral for advanced imaging studies
  • Parent and patient education
  • Expert consultation on the development and progression of all childhood hip conditions
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation