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Key Components

Key components of Transforming Mental Health are:

  • Integration of mental health with pediatric primary care
    This evidence-based, highly accessible and integrated care model embeds mental health clinicians at pediatric primary care offices to work closely with primary care physicians to address a patient’s emotional well-being and provide whole child care. In partnership with our pediatric primary care network of CPCMG and CPMG, our shared goal is to launch mental health integrated care in a myriad of PCP locations. The mental health clinicians are supported by regional hubs that provide advanced mental healthcare, telehealth and psychiatry.  
  • Early identification and connection to services and support
    Mental health screening is essential to identifying needs early and connecting patients to services and support to improve health and mental wellness outcomes. Rady Children’s currently conducts depression screening of patients in its inpatient hospital, specialty care clinics and Emergency Department. PCPs in our network are also conducting depression screening. 
  • Integrated IT platform and Electronic Health Record interface
    Rady Children’s, CPCMG, CPMG and Children’s Specialists of San Diego formed a clinically integrated delivery system in 2013. Through our IDS, over 200 pediatricians and 500 pediatric subspecialists work together through a shared electronic health record. For primary care integration, we are adapting tools, including longitudinal care plans and predictive analytics, to improve health outcomes.
  • Partnerships
    Rady Children’s TMH is currently partnering with its IDS partners, as well as the local school districts, San Diego Center for Children, Vista Hill Foundation, local Federally Qualified Health Centers and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, among others. 
  • Education and Research
    Through TMH, we are developing an innovative and comprehensive research agenda with the aim to identify and develop additional effective mental health care models. We are also partnering with our Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine to improve treatment and outcomes for mental illness.