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Physician Testimonials

“The presence of our integrated health therapist has created substantial positive change in our office for our providers and for our patients. Just knowing they are in the office and accessible reduces the stress or anxiety that is often encountered when one of us has a mental health or behavioral health visit. The existence of the IHT shows our patients that we are really taking mental and behavioral health seriously and putting forth resources to help families who are struggling with those issues.

One outcome that we struggled with before was the ability to know if our patients made contact with some therapist, somewhere, somehow – and with the IHT, we are clearly making that one small connection at a much higher level. The IHT program is an important, timely and high quality value-added service for our patients and our providers.”

“I saw a preteen patient for a physical today with “no concerns.” The patient looked and acted 110% normal during the exam. However, the depression screening identified thoughts of worthlessness and wanting to not be alive anymore. I did a warm handoff with our IHT. This visit took only an extra 20-30 minutes of my time (usually would be upwards of an hour) and I can sleep tonight knowing that our IHT team is coordinating her care. The IHT is amazing!”

“I believe that the impact of having an integrated health therapist in the office has been very positive. I see parents’ eyes light up when they hear that the social worker’s office is within our office. Those who seem resistant to seeing a therapist can take the first step in a convenient way during the warm hand offs. This is a very satisfying experience for patients and parents. Knowing that we have this resource creates a less stressful environment for providers. Previously, I would feel a little anxious to look ahead and see that I have a patient coming in for depression or anxiety.”