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Our Goals

Early Identification 

  • Improve timely access to behavioral and mental health services for children and youth   
  • Provide patient- and family-centered, culturally competent care   
  • Conduct early identification and screening  
  • Increase the impact of interventions and treatment plans in the patient centered medical home
  • Facilitate seamless behavioral, mental and integrated health services as part of primary care and in collaboration with PCPs   
  • Improve patient health outcomes   
  • Support PCPs in managing behavioral and mental health needs, as well as needs of patients with chronic, complex medical condition   
  • PCP has support of psychiatrist consultation and care coordination 


  • Patient and parent education
  • Improve primary care providers knowledge and comfort levels to identify, treat and manage mental health conditions 
  • Train at least 150 pediatricians by 2022 
  • Provide the community with mental health related education and resources 


  • Evaluate outcomes for the Primary Care Mental Health Integration Program within our affiliated primary care clinics to ensure our program best serves the behavioral health needs of children in our community
  • Support Rady Children’s efforts designed to improve the behavioral, mental and overall health of our patients
  • Continue to support departmental and hospital infrastructure to collect, maintain and evaluate behavioral health data
  • Publish and present findings at professional meetings to further the knowledge of behavioral health related topics within the medical and behavioral health fields