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Maintenance of Certification Center (MOC)

Welcome to Rady Children’s Maintenance of Certification Center

Rady Children’s Hospital is an American Board of Pediatrics’ Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Portfolio Sponsor. This means that you can submit your QI projects for approval through our Portfolio.

Effective July 1, 2022, MOC Part 4 Applications will NO LONGER REQUIRE a FEE.

How to Submit for Credit

In general, you will receive 25 MOC Part 4 credits for each project submitted, once approved.

There are two types of projects that will be considered for credit:

1) Small Group QI projects involving up to 10 clinicians. Click here for the application checklist, submission form and physician attestation form.

2) Multiple-year QI projects. Click here for the application checklist.

We highly recommend that you review these requirements BEFORE embarking on your project so that you can make sure that all requirements are met for approval. We also recommend that you initiate your project at least ONE year prior to planned submission for your credit.

Remember that you will require a total of at least 50 MOC Part 4 credit points to maintain your certification every five years – which means at least TWO QI projects every five years. Please plan accordingly.

Current deadlines for MOC credits are mid-December. In order to have enough time for review for approval, we ask that you submit your necessary documentation by November 29 of the calendar year in which you are seeking approval. NO EXCEPTIONS.

As always, please check your own ABP portfolio for your own specific requirements.

What is MOCA Peds?

It is the continuous assessment version of the boards. There has been a pilot since 2017 that has been successful for general pediatrics. Refinement of this platform is occurring this year after which MOCA Peds will be launched in 2019 (pass rate for the MOCA general pediatrics is 95 percent).

Essentially, beginning at the start of your cycle, you will receive up to 20 timed questions every quarter. You will have three months (the quarter) to answer them, in one batch or one-by-one. You can answer the questions on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will receive immediate feedback on your selected answers (right vs. wrong and references) and you will have access to previously answered questions. To pass the boards in MOCA, you have to pass 12 quarters every five years. You also get to throw out your four worst quarters (they are thrown out for you). This means that basically you can skip a quarter every year and still pass in four years (In the fifth year, if you have passed by then, you won’t have to get additional questions in your fifth year).

What about subspecialists?

Subspecialty exams will also have this format of the boards beginning in upcoming years as noted in the chart below.

Anticipated Availability for General Pediatrics & Subspecialties

2019 General Pediatrics, Child Abuse Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
2020 Pediatric Pulmonology, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine, Pediatric Nephrology
2021 Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Rheumatology
2022 Adolescent Medicine, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

What does this cost?

There is no additional fee. The cost is covered in your five-year MOC cycle fees.

What happens if I don’t pass?

If you don’t pass by your fourth year of your five-year cycle, you can take the fifth year in pursuit of 12 quarters of passing or opt for the in-person exam (safest option to ensure continuous certification). HOWEVER, you must pay an additional fee for the in-person exam.

What if I want to take the in-person exam instead?

That is your choice, but there is an additional fee.

Where can I find additional information?