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The BEE Award

What is the BEE Award?

The BEE (Be Exceptional Every Day) award is a program that recognizes and celebrates non-nursing healthcare workers and providers who demonstrate excellence through their clinical skills, exceptional compassionate care, or the quality service they deliver daily. Do you know a non-nursing healthcare worker or provider who is exceptional? Someone who consistently demonstrates values and service that go above and beyond? If so, we want to hear from you!

Who May Be Nominated?

Any staff member who does not hold a nursing credential and currently works at Rady Children’s Hospital or any affiliated Rady Children’s satellite campus. *Leaders and Supervisors are not eligible for nomination.

Who May Nominate a Non-Nursing Recipient?

  • Patients
  • Patient families
  • Visitors
  • RCHSD colleagues

Nomination Criteria:

Individuals recognized with a BEE Award encompass behaviors including but not limited to the following observable actions/situations:

  • Made a significant impact on patient/family’s daily experience within the organization beyond what is already expected through CARES values?
  • Exhibited exceptional behavior (clearly categorized as above and beyond) his/her/their job description expectations to help a patient/family transition into or out of care at the hospital or clinic site?
  • Establish a meaningful connection through service delivery that went above and beyond (his/her/their job description) for a patient/family?
  • Demonstrated exceptional skills and professionalism during a difficult and/or challenging situation all the while advocating for the patient/family.
  • Served as a leading role model and community representative for Rady Children’s Hospital or affiliated Rady Children’s Clinic, encompassing a combination of CARES values and Mission-centered behavior.
  • Went above and beyond to make the patient/family feel as though s/he/they were the number one priority.
  • Does not function as a member of any Leadership/Supervisor Team**


Each BEE award recipient is recognized with a framed certificate, Circle of Friends Statue, and a BEE pin for their exceptional care.

All individuals nominated for a BEE Award will receive a BEE pin.


Click below if you would like to nominate someone for the BEE Award!

Nominate for the BEE Award

BEE Award Winners

September 2023

Kailee Gronow

Kailee joined the Developmental Evaluation Clinic (DEC) team as part of a pilot project designed to decrease wait times and implement a clinical triage process that would help us identify those children who are most in need of DEC’s unique services. Her position was initially expected to be temporary; however, through her efforts, we have demonstrated significant benefits to this role, including improvements in the timeliness of patient contact, opportunities for patient engagement, closure and rerouting of inappropriate referrals, and linkage to other resources for families. Having a clinically trained person connect with families early in the referral process allows our non-clinical scheduling team to maintain their focus on insurance authorization and timely scheduling. Over this past year, Kailee helped us reach our goal of contacting families within 2 weeks of their referral. Our wait times have been reduced from an average estimate of 1 year+ to 6-9 months. Families who are not appropriate for our services are now re-routed efficiently. Using data from Kailee’s triage work, we were recently awarded additional funds through our EPSDT contract with San Diego County. ​Our County contract monitor let us know the award decision was made in response to the data we provided which demonstrated the great work happening at DEC in terms of the quality of patient care and impressive improvements in patient access. The additional funding has allowed us to support a permanent position for Kailee’s role. Throughout all of the uncertainty and change required during this project, Kailee assumed an active role and remained flexible, open, and positive. She took the initiative to learn about DEC’s unique services and provided feedback and suggestions for continued improvements to our triage process. We are so pleased to have Kailee as a permanent member of our DEC team and cannot wait to see what happens next with her support!