Able-Disabled Advocacy
Able-Disabled Advocacy (A-DA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 that provides employment and training services to individuals with all types of disabilities and other barriers to employment. Able-Disabled Advocacy’s mission is “to provide vocational skills training and educational advancement for youth and adults with disabilities and to assist them in finding employment and overcoming barriers to personal and financial self-sufficiency.”
Phone: 619-231-5990

American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
The American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine is a multidisciplinary scientific society devoted to the study of cerebral palsy and other childhood onset disabilities, to promoting professional education for the treatment and management of these conditions, and to improving the quality of life for people with these disabilities. A reading list is available on line for parents.

ARC of San Diego
The Arc of San Diego empowers persons with disabilities and their families by working in partnership to create opportunities to achieve their individual goals within the community.
Contact Person: John McKee
Phone: 858-715-3780

Beach and Country Guild
The Beach and Country Guild is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to raise money in support of United Cerebral Palsy San Diego with a spectacular single annual fundraising event. Please view the following website and YouTube video to learn more about the Beach and Country Guild and their annual fundraising event:

California Children Services Medical Therapy Program (CCS MTP)
The Medical Therapy Program (MTP) is a special program within California Children Services that provides occupational therapy and physical therapy for children with eligible conditions. Therapy services are provided at rehabilitation units located in six public schools throughout San Diego County. These units are called Medical Therapy Units. Eligible conditions that qualify a child for the Medical Therapy Program services include, but are not limited to, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injuries, arthrogryposis, and osteogenesis imperfecta. For more information on medical eligibility for the Medical Therapy Program, please call the number below or visit the website.
Phone: 619-528-4000

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This website has useful information about cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Foundation
The Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s process is to find, define and address Moments of Impact – the times at which interventions and insights, if properly implemented, have the power to improve lives. The organization then works to better understand what is needed to effect change and the best ways to implement it. Its Collaborative Networks bring together many of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions, as well as innovative thinkers in diverse areas such as technology and media, in order to accelerate not only the development of critical advances, but also their delivery.

Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation
The mission of the Research Foundation is three-fold: to fund research (for cure, care and best practices), to advocate for more Federal support for research relevant to developmental disabilities, and to foster superb educational programs in medical schools so that the next generation of children with developmental impairments will have knowledgeable doctors, nurses and therapists prepared to care for them.
Phone: 202-496-5061

Cerebral Palsy Now
Cerebral Palsy Now creates educational resources, initiates wellness campaigns and funds research focused on addressing the early problems in brain development that can lead to cerebral palsy. The organization also highlights and supports research for associated conditions that may interfere with learning or participation in society. Together with cerebral palsy centers, clinicians, researchers and the cerebral palsy community, it will work to advance neurological recovery, wellness and lifelong support for people with cerebral palsy. Check out the CP Diagnosis Tool Kit.

Commit to Inclusion
The Guidelines for Disability Inclusion and its resources can be used by any entity including government, private, and non-profit organizations to ensure new and existing program initiatives and policies in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, and obesity are appropriate and accessible for people with disability.

CP Collaborative
The Cerebral Palsy Collaborative provides a unified voice of cerebral palsy-related organizations to strategically affect mutually agreed upon research, education, awareness, support and public policy initiatives for the benefit of individuals with cerebral palsy across their lifespans.

Department of Rehabilitation
The San Diego District of the Department of Rehabilitation serves people with disabilities in all of San Diego County and Southern Orange County. With offices in North, East, Metro and South Counties, there is an office close to every major population center. The San Diego District supports the overall mission of the Department, and has developed our own specific vision statement as well.

Our vision reads: “The San Diego District of the Department of Rehabilitation will be the lead agency in the provision of services to people with disabilities in the community. We will be an integral, invaluable partner with other agencies in our area that are committed to increasing employment opportunities and outcomes for people with disabilities. Our staff will be dedicated to our mission, and empowered to positively affect the lives of our consumers.

In partnership with our consumers, we will develop and implement plans which result in employment outcomes consistent with the unique interest, abilities and priorities of those we serve. Trust, kindness, respect, creativity, a commitment to excellence and the exercise of professional judgment will mark our work environment.

Dystonia Foundation
The Foundation provides information on dystonia, treatment options, support services, healthcare referrals and research programs for dystonia patients and there families.
Phone: 312-755-0198

Easter Seals of San Diego County
Easter Seals provides exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities or other special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.
El Centro Adult Day Center: 760-482-2777
North San Diego County Services & Administration: 760-737-3990
South San Diego County Services: 619-336-0630

European Academy of Childhood Disability
Our aim is to ensure the development of high-quality research and teaching in the field of childhood disability; improve the care these children receive; and to raise professional standards throughout Europe.

Exceptional Parent
Exceptional Parent provides information, support, ideas, encouragement ,and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities and the professionals who work with them.
Phone: 877-372-7368

Exceptional Family Resource Center
The mission of the Exceptional Family Resource Center is to provide support, information and education for families of children with disabilities and the professionals who assist these families. This website has a wonderful listing of summer camps for children with disabilities.
Contact: Diane
Phone: 619-594-7416 or 800-281-8252

Infant/Hope Program-Infant and Family Support Program (Birth to 3 years)
The HOPE Infant Family Support Program is a public special education program that offers services to infants and toddlers with special needs and their families. Provided by the San Diego County Department of Education.
Phone: 760-761-5581

MORGAN Project
The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project is a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is to promote awareness and facilitate support of parents caring for their children with special health care needs, and to enhance the quality of life for these special families.
Phone: 321-506-2707

MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)® helps children and MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience)® helps adults with disabilities:
1. Acquire increased independence in sitting, standing and walking,
2. Learn and gain more mobility, and
3. Experience better health and enhanced personal dignity.
Phone: 800-397-MOVE (6683)

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Offers briefing and fact research papers on disabilities, public agencies fact sheets, state resource sheets and lists of national resources. Serves the nation as a central source of information on:

  • Disabilities in infants, toddlers, children and youth,
  • IDEA, which is the law authorizing special education, No Child Left Behind (as it relates to children with disabilities), and research-based information on effective educational practices.

Phone: 800-695-0285

North County Family Resource Center
Oceanside, 1315 Union Plaza Court, Oceanside, CA 92054, 760-754-5757
Escondido, 463 N. Midway Dr., Escondido, CA 92025, 760-739-6060.

Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA): Patient/Parent Information

Reaching for the Stars (RFTS)
We are two mothers determined to go above and beyond what is currently possible to make a profound difference in the lives of our children and others who suffer the physical, emotional and social impact of cerebral palsy. We saw the need that exists for more progressive research on the causes and possible cures and treatments for children with CP. We realized, “If not us…then who?,”and RFTS, Inc. was born. RFTS’ Mission is to foster national cerebral palsy research with the goal of expediting the creation of new medicines and effective treatments for children with cerebral palsy.
Phone: 770-561-5950

Safe Kids San Diego
The Center for Healthier Communities provides child car seat inspections and education at the Hospital. Parents will learn if they have the correct car seat for their child and how to properly install the seat to ensure a safe ride. Technicians certified in special needs are available. Click here for more information.
Contact: Lorrie Lynn
Phone: 858-576-1700 ext. 243547

San Diego Regional Center
The San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) serves as a focal point in the community through which a person with a developmental disability and his or her family can obtain services and be linked to other community resources within San Diego and Imperial counties.
Phone: 858-576-2938

Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego
The foundation’s mission is to help parents. It advocates in the special needs community by bringing together people, information and resources.

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center
We are an incomparable organization that serves adults with developmental disabilities. Our reputation for excellence rests on a foundation of high-quality programming and well-trained staff. The mission of St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center is to empower adults with developmental disabilities to discover, experience and realize their full potential as members of the greater community.
Phone: 619-442-5129, ext. 3332

TASK-Team of Advocates for Special Kids
Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK) is a nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to enable individuals with disabilities to reach their maximum potential by providing them, their families and the professionals who serve them with training, support, information, resources and referrals, and by providing community awareness programs.

Initially, the primary focus was on children three to 21 years of age, but services evolved to include all ages, especially in the TASK Technology Center. TASK serves families of children aged birth to 26 years of age under IDEA and other systems mandated to provide services to individuals with disabilities. As a federally-funded Parent Training and Information Center, TASK is part of a national network of centers providing similar services. TASK provides advocacy information, workshops and information in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.
Phone: 877-609-3218 (toll-free in California) or 619-282-0846

TERI specializes in serving individuals who have needs which cannot be met by other existing programs, including services to persons who have profound mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, brain trauma, severe behavioral disorders, dual diagnoses and learning disabilities.
Phone: 760-721-1706

The Amazing Art of Disabled Artists
Some of the best artists deal with disabilities in their everyday lives that the rest of can’t imagine living with, and they use art to communicate with the world. The results are often stunning. We’ve collected biographies and sample pieces from outstanding disabled artists, both famous and lesser-known. The artists below paint with their hands, their mouths and their feet. We hope that the artists in this post inspire your designs and make you look at adversity in any field as a surmountable obstacle.
View this amazing art at

The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps (TASH)
Phone: 202-263-5600

Together We Grow
Together We Grow is the recognized leader in pediatric care, the place where medically fragile and typical children grow together in an inclusive environment. In a developmentally appropriate setting, these children play and learn together, focusing on fun and learning activities.
Phone: 760-757-6031 (Oceanside) and 858-751-0209 (San Diego)

United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego County
United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is the leading source of information on cerebral palsy and is a pivotal advocate for the rights of persons with any disability.
Contact: Rhonda Van Ekelenburg
Phone: 858-571-7803
Website: or local program website:
Offices are located throughout the United States.

What’s Next?
The What’s Next mentoring program brings together young people with physical disabilities and adults with similar disabilities who are living active, full, successful lives in the community.
Contact: Cathy Castro
Phone: 619-232-2727, ext. 105

Xcite Steps-Mentorship/Sport/Social and Summer Camp Program
Contact: Matt Winkley
Phone: 858-722-1948