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Andrew Can Ski-Even with CP:  Learn how a boy with a disABILITY finds a way to excel
Cerebral Palsy can’t slow Andrew down. See how he found skiing and how it changed his life. Follow his quest to become a U.S. Alpine Paralympian.
Website:!/pages/Andrew-Can Ski/719432124783069

CJ and the Angel Kids
The CJ and the Angel Kids book series describes the adventures of five “differently-abled” children who meet at summer camp and become friends. Each has “special abilities” such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, dyslexia and stuttering. Working with other children at the camp, they solve mysteries and teach everyone about children with disabilities, bullying, obesity, dyslexia, autism, adoption and other issues kids may be dealing with.

Sally Ross Brown, a grandmother who has lived triumphantly with cerebral oalsy, uses her unique perspective as a different kid to offer hope, understanding and encouragement to parents of special needs children. Encompassing both practical tips such as how to deal effectively with physicians and professionals, as well as managing challenging emotions such as envy, worry and frustration, these concise readings provide just-in-time support for busy parents.
Website: Available on Amazon

Exceptional Parent Magazine
A family and professional site for the special needs community.
Owning a home is one of the most significant investments people will ever make. For those with disabilities, it is vital that they and their loved ones have access to the resources to make their homes livable and enjoyable.

IDEA Practices
Provides an on-line newsletter with IDEA news (cases, summit reports, findings on state implementation procedures, summer camps, etc.)

More than a Watchmaker
“More than a Watchmaker” is the autobiography of Rick Hohn, an amazingly accomplished man who was diagnosed at age 2 with cerebral palsy, which affects all four of his limbs and restricts his speech. The doctor who diagnosed Rick told his parents that despite his severe disabilities, he would be able to do anything — but make a watch.  The doctor knew he had intelligence but lacked the fine-motor abilities to do intricate work. How true this has been!

Spastic Diplegia–Bilateral Cerebral Palsy: Understanding the Motor Problems, Their Impact on Walking, and Management Throughout Life: a Practical Guide for Families
Approximately one-third of those with cerebral palsy have spastic diplegia, also known as bilateral spastic CP, or simply bilateral CP. An estimated 6 million worldwide have spastic diplegia. Until now, there has been no book focused on this condition to help this large group of people. This book focuses on the motor problems—problems with bones, muscles and joints, and their impact on walking. The Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) is a five-level system that indicates the severity of the condition. This book is relevant to those at GMFCS levels I to III: those who are capable of walking independently or with a handheld mobility device. These three levels account for the majority of people with spastic diplegia.

The book addresses how spastic diplegia develops over the lifespan and explains the evidence-based, best-practice treatments. It empowers parents of young children, and adolescents and adults with the condition, to become better advocates and co–decision makers in the medical process. The focus of this optimistic, yet practical book is on maximizing activity and participation—living life to its fullest. Health care professionals, educators, students and extended family members will also benefit from reading this book. Indeed, while this book focuses on spastic diplegia, much of what is addressed also applies to other forms of spastic CP at GMFCS levels I to III, namely hemiplegia and quadriplegia.
Website: Available on Amazon

Stretch and Strengthen for Rehabilitation and Development, by Bob Anderson
Stretch and Strenthen for Rehabilitation and Development will make it possible for those who are confined or limited in movement to become active again. This book is available on Amazon.

Stretching, 20th Anniversary Revised Edition by Bob Anderson
A great resource to design a stretching program for anyone with cerebral palsy. This book is available on Amazon.

The HELP Guide
This publication is authoritative, comprehensive, extensively illustrated, colorful and engaging. The need for this publication is enormous, as CP is common throughout the world and no affordable management guide has been available to date.

Wrights Law
Provides a free internet newsletter with legal updates and tips. The website also offers links to important cases and legislation and publications.