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Assistive Driving Schools

American Driving School
The Rehabilitation Program of the American Driving School is staffed by specially trained instructors and therapists who have helped many drivers with all types of disabilities to regain their driver’s license. With years of experience, the program has developed teaching techniques that make learning new driving habits easier. Lessons are for drivers who have been cleared to drive following a medical evaluation and have a current drivers license or permit.  The driving instructor is Rick Milford (

Department of Rehabilitation Mobility Evaluation Program
The Mobility Evaluation Program (MEP) is a section of the Department of Rehabilitation that provides driving evaluations for qualified individuals to help determine their transportation needs. The MEP also provides passenger and wheelchair evaluations.

Scripps Driving Program
People who want to determine their capacity to safely drive a motor vehicle after having a stroke or brain injury, or whose driving skills have diminished due to age, may benefit from the comprehensive driving evaluation program at Scripps Health. Through a series of objective evaluations, its occupational therapists and driving rehab therapist can help take the guesswork out of whether it is safe for you or your loved one to continue or resume driving.  The driving evaluation program combines a clinical assessment, driving simulator and on-the-road testing in our dual-control car.

Sharp Rehab Driving Program
Because driving is such an important aspect of daily living, many people who have suffered a severe injury or illness want to know when and if they can resume driving. The purpose of the Sharp Rehabilitation Driving Program is to assist drivers who have limited physical, perceptual, or cognitive skills typically required for safe driving.

St. Jude Driving Program
St. Jude Medical Center has designed an innovative program to address the unique needs of
individuals returning to driving after severe illness or disability, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, head trauma or spinal cord injury. The program is for disabled persons who are evaluating their ability to drive for the first time and seniors who want to remain independent and safe while driving. While most seniors drive safely, gradual changes in vision, movement, perception, attention and memory can place them at risk for being involved in or causing an accident. Our program can help assess their ability to remain safe behind-the-wheel.